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Tattoo Care

Aftercare Instructions

Friends don’t let friends tell them what to do with their tattoo aftercare! Listen to your artist.

Keep covered

Leave your bandage/wrap on until told by your artist.​ This will usually be between 4 and 24 hours. Although it’s tempting to unwrap that new piece to show your friends or family, don’t do it before the time your artist has specified.

Stay clean

Wash your tattoo well after removing the bandage/wrap.​ After the period your artist has specified, wash your hands before unwrapping your tattoo. Once clean, wash your tattoo thoroughly with warm water and a fragrance free, liquid hand soap, using your hands, to remove any blood, ink, or plasma. It is important not to use a washcloth or anything else that might harbour bacteria.

Pat your tattoo dry after cleaning it.​ Using a clean paper towel, pat your tattoo dry. You can also let it air dry if you’d like.

Keep it clean (but leave it alone)

Your body is great at healing itself. Once your tattoo is dry, leave the tattoo unwrapped for a couple days. Wear loose fitting, CLEAN, clothing over your fresh tattoo to avoid excess rubbing on your new piece. Avoid moisturizers at this stage (including lotions or petroleum products like Vaseline) as your tattoo is an open wound that needs to form its first layer of skin over your new tattoo.

Stay hydrated

After a couple days, apply a thin layer of lotion.​ Once your tattoo is feeling dry and tight, your skin will benefit from being moisturized with a fragrance free hand lotion. Avoid using Vaseline or any products that won’t easily absorb into the skin as your tattoo needs to breath as it heals. Apply lotion as it feels dry.

Keep calm and heal properly

Don't pick at the flaking/scabbing skin.​ Let your body shed flakes or scabs on its own. Prematurely removing these from your healing tattoo can delay healing, increase the chances of infection, and cause you to remove bits of ink making it more likely that you will need a touch up. We guarantee our tattoos and want them to look their best, so we do free touch ups within the first year. However, this only applies if the aftercare instructions have been followed properly.

Stay fresh

Wash your tattoo regularly.​ Continue to wash your new piece using a fragrance free soap and warm water a few times a day until it’s done peeling, but avoid long showers and soaking the tattoo until it is fully peeled (no lakes, pools, etc.). This is usually between a week and a month depending on your tattoo and its placement.

Now that your tattoo is fully finished peeling, it will be another couple months or so before your skin has fully regenerated over your new tattoo.

Avoid sun exposure

The sun can do major damage to a fresh tattoo. Avoid sun exposure to the tattooed area while healing especially, and once healed, the less you’re in the sun the better and brighter your piece will look long term. Sunscreen can help reduce the aging of your tattoo, but nothing will help as much as keeping it out of the sun. Don’t forget, UV rays can penetrate through clouds and do damage.